Terms of Service

I, Owner, Agent or Captain of Vessel named above, hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of service.

I commission the services of Sail Maritime, LLC DBA Set Sail YachtServices and agree to the following standard and posted labor rates:

  • Service call $125.
  • Labor: $110/man hour for labor provided for separate skills.
  • Labor: $78/man hour for any additional person required on site to accomplish same job.
  • Fuel Polishing $174/ Hour including machine and operator.
  • Crew Service:  Captain, USCG Master Mariner, Oceans, Sail, STCW $450/day
  • Crew Service:  Deck Officer, USCG Master (200 Ton Minimum) STCW $300/day 
  • Crew Service:  Marine Engineer, STCW $300/day
  • Crew Service:  Stew / Deck, STCW $250/day
  • Crew Service:  Chef $350/day

Hourly Labor shall be charged per man hour for all time related and associated with services provided.

No travel is charged for vessels services while vessels are moored along the coastal mainland at locations south of Interstate 10, West of BILOXI Bay Bridge, and east of Bay St Louis Bridge.  No travel is charged to any of our affiliate dry dock service yards.

Travel time is charged when service is performed outside of above-mentioned service area.

I further agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.  Work Order is submitted with the understanding that payment is due upon receipt of invoice for requested services unless credit terms have been prior established.

2.  It is further agreed that if remittance of payment due is untimely, permission is granted for Set Sail Yacht Services to place an Maritime Admiralty Lien on the subject vessel for the amount of any outstanding balances.

3.  It is further agreed and understood that permission is granted to any Judge appointed pursuant to United States and or State Law to “Arrest” the vessel.  A request shall be made in U. S. Federal Court or other Court as appropriate to “Arrest” the vessel at which time the vessel shall remain in port until liens and balance due are settled to satisfaction of Set Sail Yacht Services. Boarding and or movement of subject vessel during period of vessel being arrested shall cause vessel owner, his agent, master, and or crew to be in contempt of court and subject the laws thereof.

4.  It is further agreed that all costs of settling litigation of balance due shall be the sole responsibility of the owner and vessel’s agent including the captain solely and collectively.  “All costs” shall include but are not limited to legal fees, attorney’s fees, mooring costs during such arrest period, time at a rate of $98 per hour to Set Sail Yacht Services for additional administrative time associated with settling any liens, and any and all other cost that may be directly associated with satisfying any liens and collection of balance due.

5.  It is further agreed that forced foreclosure of subject vessel and other assets may be enforced for the purpose of settlement of balances due including costs of collecting any and all related balances due.

6.  Federal Maritime and Admiralty law shall govern this contract.  At will of Set Sail Yacht Services, Small Claims Court of Harrison County Mississippi may prevail with judgement recorded and pursue with all relief provided to Set Sail Yacht Services pursuant to U. S. Federal and State Laws.  Typically, Arresting of a maritime vessel, Ship, Yacht, Boat, or other floating vessel is granted in Federal District Court and granted by Federal Judge.  Any necessary court proceedings, Federal, State, or County, shall be conducted in the state of Mississippi whether State, County or Federal Jurisdiction is chosen at the sole discretion of Set Sail Yacht Services, its officers, and or its representatives.

7.  All balances due associated with dry docked vessels including balances due to the yard must be paid prior to vessel launch.  A daily rate of storage shall be charged by the yard until such time all balances are settled.

8.  All on going work will be invoiced every two weeks.

9.  The above terms of services are agreed upon between above named owner, and or agent, and or captain, and Set Sail Yacht Services, owners of Set Sail Yacht Services whether individuals, stockholders, and or heirs, without court litigation to achieve the goals of collecting any balance due.